Our Process

How we make our software

We use Scrum development practices to produce our software. Using Scrum helps us to remain close to the development goals and improves the quality of what we can provide. We produce working prototypes and status updates on a predictable timescale, so that our internal work is visible and clearly explained.

The developers at Recollate make and build software solutions that satisfy your business and your users' needs


We start your project with clear goals. These goals drive all of our decisions, and we agree them before we do anything. We develop by making prototpyes, so we give you feedback as soon as possible, and keep you integral to the decision making as the project progresses.

Trusted technology

For each project, we choose the best tools possible. And if that's using a commercial or SaaS solution, then we'll help and manage that for you. We don't re-invent the wheel. We won't use your project to experiment with untested or experimental software.

Reliable and consistent

Keeping you happy about what we do is paramount to us. You are the reason we exist. When a project begins, you get the Director's phone numbers to ring at any time. If you're not happy, or want to change something, then you can ring us any time and ask.

Long-term relationship

A long-term relationship with you is vital for us. Once we've finished and delivered your project, we won't just leave you. We'll keep meeting and chatting with you on a regular basis to make sure everything is still going well.

How can we help you?

We'll use your email or phone number to contact you.
We won't use it for any other reason, we won't pass it to anyone else.