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We make the web happen

The developers at Recollate design and develop software solutions that satisfy your business and your users' needs. It's our passion to make awesome and business changing web applications.

We use our extensive industry knowledge to deliver world-class web applications, whilst remaining completely jargon free and open in our strategy and development.

Web app development

From creating brand new applications, to managing and extending existing products, the developers at Recollate have worked with Rails since it's early days over 10 years ago.
Recollate can design, build, deliver and support large Ruby on Rails applications for your business.

  • Ruby / Rails

    Our favourite web development language is Ruby, we love it.

    Ruby on Rails allows us to create products that come to market quickly, and that are easy to maintain in the long-term.

    We use continuous integration and an iterative approach to developing software, that blends a deep technical knowledge base with your business requirements, forming one team that's integrated throughout the entire process.

  • Our wider web application stack

    We also use PostgreSQL & MySQL, Redis, RSpec, JSON APIs and many other technologies to help us make web applications.

Modern Javascript

The interaction of your website is key to making your users happy. We use modern reactive Javascript libaries to make a front end that is performant and beautiful.
We don't try to recreate the wheel each time front end development, but use reliable and mature libraries to make our software.

  • Reactive Javascript

    With React we create fast web interfaces that have clear componentised structure that are easy to maintain.

  • Modern Javascript

    Javascript has changed a lot as it's matured and developed. We keep up-to-date by writing clean, future-proof and performant Javascript.

  • Our wider front end stack

    We also use CSS 4 & SCSS, GraphQL & Relay, Sketch, React Native many other technologies to help us deliver user interfaces


Stand out from the crowd by having an e-commerce website that works beautifully. We ensure our software is highly secure and trustworthy by using Stripe or Braintree to handle paymentsand trustworthy by using Stripe or Braintree to handle payments.

  • Shopify storefronts

    We develop custom themes and integrations with Shopify, all of which use the latest web performance techniques so they load super fast.

  • Stripe & Braintree

    For bespoke product ordering and fulfillment process, we have used Stripe and Braintree. These provide a stable base for taking online payments online.

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